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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Looking for advice from moms with twins or children that are close in age

Ok well I have twin boys that are 2 . And I need HELP lol my boys are into everything and one is a few months "Behind" but is still a handful. My one child Corbin has a very hard time sleeping so he has a schedualed sleep study this friday, anyway he dosnt sleep we are both going on 12 hours for the whole week . I am dragging ,nap time isnt any better. their father my fiance has to work nights this whole month and im basically a single mom for the month of 3 boys lol. im tierd . Corbin wakes up every hour whining an or crying he has done this since infancy.thats why he is getting the sleep study. Jaden is just cranky cause he wakes up when corbin wakes up. and my 9 year old is well just a moody 9 year old.. And when my Fiance is done with the nights then he has to go on a business trip to get trained on some machine their shop is getting , he will be gone for a week. Now I know there are moms out there that do this all the time , I just want to know how do you stay sain lol. im so emotional this week running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I dont get any time to myself really , only about an hour and half everyday. I cant call in ...cause im a mom lol. I need a break and wish i could find the time to do it and where and how ...OHHHH and on top of all this he has decided to take a vacation with him and his friends to go fishing for a WEEK , the first wk in MAY , must be nice I cant just say "hey hun me and the boys are going fishing on such in such date the deposit is already made so i cant back out" what are we to say NO lol yeah then have him mope all the time his friends are up there , no thanks its like having another child you know. I dont ever get to go out. Since my one boy has therapists all morning then i need to be home when my 9 year old gets off the bus, make dinner do homework then dishes baths books songs diapers and bed . Thats if Corbin decides to go to bed. I WANT A VACATION!!!!! with my friends and I. Im trying to put my wedding together also haha (sigh). SO SORRY SO LONG BUT HAD TO GET IT OFF MY CHEST LOL THANKS FOR READING. COMMENTS ARE WELCOME.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Oh dear
First thank you for commenting on our blog.
After writing about my terrible two son I tried Dr. Karp's method from the happiest toddler on the block book. It helped. Just reading the book and knowing tham I'm not alone helped.
and some of the methods really work.
I wish I was near so that I can help.
Congratulations in advance on your wedding.