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Monday, February 1, 2010

Chinese Calander gender chart

So I know you are wondering what is a Chinese gender chart. And maybe some of you have heard about it . Well I was curious is it can really perdict when to have a boy or a girl, Scarily so far it has been right for a handful of my friends that are expecting right now. Why am I talking about this you are wondering lol well... I had a miscarriage in October and I just know it was a girl ,just from the feeling and morning sickness that I was having. Well to tell you my heart was broken to pieces when I found out I was miscarring it. I do have 3 boys but I so desperatly want a girl . I had my first by conception , my twins 8 years later through IVF we had alot of trouble getting pregnant, Then 2 years later in august I found out I was pregnant , they told me that when people do IVF their chances of getting pregnant again normally rise , well I didnt believe them since it took us forever the 3nd time around, but they were right we were so shocked and happy. Untill I had the miscarriage.
  Well anyways enough of that. Then I saw on the website that chinese calander , so I was skeptical I asked all my friends their age when they conceived and the month that they did too. And I and my friends were surprised at the outcome that it was right well I have a chance in May this year then in August. So im going to eat healthy and take my prenatal vitamins to get my body ready and pray for the best.
 If their is anyone that has gone through the chinesse chart let me know im interested in hearing it , or if you were curious and clicked over to the site to see if it is right then click back hear and let me know what your outcome is . Any comments are appreciated.


Kelley said...

My cousin swears by the Chinese chart. It's been right with all 3 of her kids. There are different charts depending on where you look, so you might find one answer on a chart but the opposite gender on the next! I'm praying for your family!

melissa said...

thank you

blueviolet said...

I wish you the best and I hope it works!