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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tip Tuesday

Found these on Rachel Ray


  1. Wash your make up brushes with baby shampoo and with a little conditoner. Dry slanted with the handle up slightly. Wash every couple a weeks. Keeps your skin break out free.
  2. Eyeshadow dripping falling fading- take lip balm rub all over your eyelid it lasts and dosnt move
  3. Go a shade lighter for your eyebrows, when shading them in with a pencil.
  4. When your skin and scalp get dry dont buy the special medicated shampoo . just buy the tea tree extract drop about 15 drops in your sampoo and there you go!


Amy said...

I love Rachel she rocks.. I just got my new mag the other day. I am hosting a Round Robin on Friday if you want to stop by and share.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Great tips. Thanks for sharing them.

Robin said...

Wow these are great..thanks..I love tips..!

Brandy said...

These are some great tips. Thanks for sharing them here.
I am now following you from Follow Me Fridays.