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Friday, December 18, 2009


Well what do you think of Christmas cards? How do you react when you open the mailbox and there is a Christmas Card? Well most people get excited like someone gave them a gift lol. But what if you went to that mailbox the next day having that same feeling of excitement you open the mailbox shuffle through all the bills lol just ignoring them, and you find there isn't ANY Christmas cards that day , well you start to feel diappointed. The following day you just know there are Christmas cards in that mail box you walk up to it do the same thing everyday ignoring the other mail and still nothing . Well now lol your getting upset cursing everyone and swearing that YOU are not Giving Christmas cards out to anyone next year. How dare they not send you one, you slam the mailbox closed and stomp back inside like a child having to do chores . The following day you just have that feeling of BAH HUNBUG lol you go to the mailbox open it up and Low In Behold look at all those Christmas cards lol , Then you appologize to all your friends and family in your head  eventhough they never heard you telling them off yesterday.

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