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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Review: For the Jeep Double Stroller $50 Gift Card (0109)I had recieved this jeep stroller for a babyshower gift for my twins 2 years ago. At first It was great loved it, but after a year it was getting harder to push with both of them in it . It should  have come with 2toy play car steering wheels, than having to buy the second one. Storage for the stroller was great no problem there is plenty , the bottom basket was nice and big that my diaper bag and purse and lol a few other things fit in it with no problem. the side pockets were great to hold theirsnacks they needed bibs extra and extra toy on the go cup holders and snack trays. But it has been 2 years since I have had it and now its very hard to push or even keep control of it. and turning corners forget it lol. it has pretend shocks and plastic durable wheels. Its reasonably priced but would love for them to update the wheeles to rubber and real shocks instead of fake. Well I hope you don;t mind me ranting but I figured to let you know . Its a big back breaker now lol

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