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Sunday, December 13, 2009

OLD NAVY And Santa Line

Went to Old Navy this weekend and bought a bunch of fleece shirts . YAY they were only $5 whoa. We also went there when the crowds were less ,which was wonderful. lol we were there at 10:30 at night yeah I know. but the shopping was less stressful. so I suggest if you are shopping for christmas and you really dont want the crazyness of everyone there go later in the evening, get yourself a nice tall coffee from starbucks or dunkin doghnuts and take your time. we went to target that late as well. We also went to the mall today to see santa boy I was nervous about the line. well it wasnt that bad . we went when church was in session . the best time to go , if you are going to miss one sunday for church it is ok cause god understands that little kids can stand in a line for just so long before the animal comes out in them lol. We were in the line for half hour tops . you can tell when church let out cause the line grew VERY long . so my advice at least for one sunday miss morning church for you and your childs sanity lol well and santas.

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