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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Being a Mommie of multiples

I am a mommy of twin boys that just turned 2 in November. For the moms out there have you ever felt like your just stuck at home? Playing and talking baby talk to your children all day. wanting some adult conversation, but everytime you want to talk to someone on the phone one of them really needs your attention or pooped their pants, go figure. Have you ever just felt geez im so blue .And Daddy says you shouldnt be that bored or blue during the day ,you have the twins to keep you occupied  lol gee hon thanks for the support . nO here hun go out for the day let me take care of the kids, you deserve it .. But when you want them (dad) to watch them oh my goodness there is always something they have to get done that you asked them to get done a month ago and he just didnt have the "time" to fix it then. Yeah right sure you do , nevermind Ill just stay home . and its hard to take them both out the same time BY yourself . If anyone knows how to do this and established a routine where i can take notes please let me know lol. Dont get me wrong I love my boys BUT I need a little Mommy time to myself . Daily routine every day wake up, have coffee, make sure  older child eats breakfast and gets ready, watch news for half hour then twins wake up change diapers get them dressed, see the older boy get on the bus, make twins breakfast. by that time one of the twins therapists are here for a half hour, then do crafts have a snack  watch diego and max and ruby make lunch change diapers , ah nap time but the one twin only sleeps a half hour so it only gives you time to eat lunch really then its the afternoon routine lol do activitys get older brother off the bus ,do homework with older son, dad comes home, make dinner lol, eat, clean table do dishes sit for half hour change diapers get twins ready for bed ,lotion massage, book &songs . play board game with older son then put him to bed . lol ahhh quiet time BUT nOW you have your SPOUSE to pay attention too. lol then your thinking while the clock tics away ...Did I take a shower or even get to Brush my hair and teeth, lol.

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