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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Review for the Laundry soap Purex 3in1

I LOVE this Laundry soap. Its a great new product . I encourage you to try it. I don't have to remember to put fabric soap or sheets in the laundry at all its ALL in that sheet they give you. And it makes your clothes SMELL YUMMY AND SOOOO SOFT. I strongly recommend to buy it. also it is reasonable priced cause if you add up all the cost from fabric softener and sheets plus the laundry soap as well it is still cheaper than all those . Tell me what you think


Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms said...

I just got a free sample at our grocery store recently. I'm wondering how well it cleans the clothes being a sheet like that? hmmm.

melissa said...

It does a great job. LOVE IT

Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms said...

I already use the powder Purex laudry soap because its so affordable. And I didn't think much of the 3in1- seemed too good to be true. Because of your review on here I'm willing to try out my sample now.

Thanks! Purex should thank you too ;)

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