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Thursday, December 17, 2009


How do I know if my child has FROSTBITE ?

This is a good question every mom asks well here is your answer .

If your child is complaining of pain, coldness or even tingling on extremiities ( ears, nose, fingers, toes) examine the area right away. Frostbite looks rare, white, purple, red or blistering skin requiers quick action to prevent the loss of permenent loss of feeling or the need for amputation (god forbid) . But if you get it right away you might be able to prevent it. Place the body part in warm - nit Hot- water and dont rub it. If it doesnt turn pink in color in 15 mins. wrap in a towel and give your child a pain reliever then head straight to the ER.


survivor mom said...

good info. thanks for sharing.
Merry Christmas.

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