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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Game night

My 9 year old Loves that we made a day just for him to play a board game . Every Wednesday after the twins go to bed @8pm, Gavin, my fiancee Brian , grandma(Brian's mom that lives next door) and I play a game that he picked out. Its basically Gavin time till we are done.
Tonight we played Apples to Apples it was fun loved it I do hope that more families pick a day , just one that's all ,and sit down and play a game together. Its great family bonding time and you have fun plus making memories for your child/ren. Especially if they are older and you have younger ones you have to pay more attention too. This is to show them you still love them and can find time for him as well. So this Christmas get your child a game and start a tradition for your family. You can even have a tag on it that says: To the so-n-so family, Love SANTA. For you to play on your game night together. And make it more special.

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