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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bravo TV Video - Nobody Wants to See a Hairy Tamra

So im watching the Housewives of Orange County tonight. I am so interested if they even know how to handle their kids by themselves , I mean there are a few on there that are really with their kids but most of them have nannies and housekeepers. I remember one episode when Tammra said that it was rough cleaning the house cause they had to let their housekeepers go due to the economy. Poor thing has to do laundry and dust. lol. And sometimes the dads really dont know how to handle the kids on there , I saw and episode that one of them hands their kids to the nannie instead of dealing with the childs tantrum or telling the nannie for her to put the child in time out ...uh well HELLO thats YOUR job as a parent lol. Then there is the going to get the botox ( I would love to get botox) but after watching that episode the other night it looks painful so not to sure if i would ever get that done. And where do these wemon WORK? lol I know one does jewlery and another is in realistate lol well how about the other ones . This video is funny eventhough the economy is bad I HAVE TO GO AND SPEND TONS TO FIX MY EYEBROWS LOL.

1 comment:

sheila said...

lol, I've never watched this show! Maybe I will now, lol!