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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DR.OZ Advice for 2010

I saw this in the paper on sunday and figured I'd share:

16 Healthy Tips for feeling better in 2010 by Dr.Oz !

1. Don't skip meals. - Make sure your morning is rich inFIBER or Protein, it slows the passage through the small intestine. as a result you feel more satisfied. NO doughnuts or syrupy pancakes that is worse than eating nothing at all!

2. Ditch EXTREME diets.- People almost always fail to lose the weight because they try diets that are too radical to stick with. So instead of eliminating all foods that fit into a certain category or counting every calorie, try making changes that are less noticeable but no less significant. If you can eliminate just 100 calories from your daily intake, for example, you will lose about a pound per month. How hard is that?

3.Savor every bite. - We all are guilty of this wolf down are meal cause we want to get things done or our favorite show is on , We dont get to enjoy are meals so slow down and savor your meal then you WILL feel fuller.

4. Become a Pill popper:- We dont get enough sun exposer to have high levels of Vitamin D. We spend alot of time indoors due to the weather or work. So instead take 1000 international units(IU) of vitamin D Daily. You could become vitamin deficiant, increasing your risk of heart disease, cancer, immune disorders,and multiple sclerosis. Omega-3 fats are also critical; we need them to stay sharp so take 400 mg daily.If you want to take both of these crucial supplements at once, chug a tablespoon of lemon flavored cod liver oil every morning - BEFORE you brush your teeth LOL

5.THROW OUT YOUR SCALE- As a nation we are obsessed with weight. But our waist circumfrance is actually a more informative measurement than the number of pounds on the scale. The size of your waist indicates how much dangerous "omental" fat you have- thats the fatty layer of tissue beneath your belly muscles that pumps inflammatory chemicles throughout your body, driving up blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Measure your waist at the belly button . that number should be less than half of your weight. A average woman is 32 inches

6. Eat well , then eat what you like.- Many people know what they shouldnt eat, but what about the daily food essentials? Check nutrition lables and make sure your daily dose meets the suggested criteria below. Then you can add proteins such as chicken or beef. After that then you can eat what ever you want- well almost.
The daily essentials that will keep you healthy:
WHOLE GRAINS-7 servings                        VEGS- 5 servings
FRUITS-4 servings                                        LOW FAT DAIRY- 2 serving
TREE NUTS, such as almonds- 1 serving
( * Servings the size of a deck of cards)

7. Go for a walk- get a pedometer you need 10,000 steps a day if you dont reach that take a walk around the block untill you reach it.

8. Take control of your health- See your doctor for a check up

9.Skip a shampoo -if your loseing your hair , well it might be your shampoo . with all the chemicles in it it puts a wear and tear on the follicles. you typically dont need to wash your hair everyday ,unless you work as a so give your scalp a break and leave it alone.

10. Stop rushing to work- Start the year off by being at least 5-10 mins early for anything . then you wontfeel rushed

11. Pump some Iron-building muscle is an investment that pays off all day. with muscle it burns more calories than fat.

12. Get enough ZZZs-at least get 7.5 hours of shut eye a night

13.Brush and floss daily- Inflammation causes more health problems than you;d imagine. In fact, your body becomes dangerous when its inflamed. inflammation causes rust in the body. brush for 2 minutes (yes 2 minutes) every morning and night to reduce your chance of heart disease and floss as well.

14. Kick up your feet- After a long day at work wouldnt you enjoy a nice footsoke. well get yourself afoot basin and in it nice warm water and epsom salts. the magnesium helps relax sore muscles. For massage use unscented pure veg or seed oil, mixed with some essential oils, such as lavender,rose or wintergreen, for a added aromatherapy benifit.

15. Help someone else- For life to be truly fulfilling , it has to be more than ourselves. Dedicate just a few hours every week to those who need it .

16. Be Fearless- The New Year allows you to challange the visible assumptions that can stall progress and meaningful change in your life. no matter when you start making changes be persistent and keep going.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I watched Dr. Oz's shows about starting the new year right. It seems so hard to throw out good food. I think I can begin shopping better, but not waste what I have.