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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Favor to ask

Hi there , I have a favor to ask all of you I was wondering if you would go to my Sugar~N~Spice & Everything Nice Boutique & Diaper Cakes Site check it out see if these are things you would want to buy in the future or any time , what I could do better or any Ideas you might have for me to improve. This site is a work in progress and Im trying to get feedback so I can better it. What Im eventually going to do is get my business started but for right now im getting all the info and invintory i need to start up. so your help would greatly apreciated and I THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS FOR ME.


Tina said...

I think they all look great. I would post more pictures of the bows so that people can see what kind of clips they are attached to. Aloso list what kinds of things are in the diaper cakes. When I made one for my girlfriend I did one layer of diapers, one layer of cloth diapers, and a layer of wash cloths with small items sitting on the edges.

I think all of the items look great though, just maybe more detail on each of the items might help.

melissa said...

thanks for your comment it helps me alot :)

Amy said...

What a cute idea and site. I like the bows. If you want to make some Valentines ones you could so them off at my next Round Robin on Feb. 12th. That would get people to your site and looking around.

melissa said...

thanks for the idea