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Monday, February 6, 2012

Review & GIVEAWAY for My Memories (Digital Scrapbook)

Liz from Had this to sa about there unique site : The first version of My Memories Suite was released in 2007.

    If you are like most people, you think of a scrapbook as a large, heavy book filled with newspaper clippings and old faded photographs of people who's names you can't remember. At StoryRock, we see scrapbooks in a whole different way.
   Our memorable journey began in 1998 when we identified and developed a modern approach to scrapbooks, one that transcends the static boundaries of a traditional scrapbook with a digital, more dynamic stands on its own as a memory annual. Our CD and DVD yearbooks not only offer the familiar pictures and stories associated with the printed page, but also provide the added benefit of video, music and the interactivity of the Internet. This is not your daddy's yearbook.
   Since our inception, we have consistently raised the bar of innovation to become the market leader in the digital yearbook arena. As a service-oriented company we are consistently driven to enhance our products and curriculums to keep pace with the expectations of our customers.
    With our roots firmly established in the educational industry, we continue to diversify our technology and customer-first approach into other markets. Careful planning, industry research and strategic partnerships all play a part in StoryRock's ongoing success with memory-based products. It was a natural transition for our software development to take on the task of giving our customers an easy-to-use and fun-to-learn scrapbooking software program. That software product, the top-rated "MyMemories Suite" - now in it's third version - has been a great addition to the company portfolio!

    So I checked it out and it is something really fun. It is a scrapbook software called MyMemories Suite. It is so easy-to-use that I made my first photo album in a matter of minutes! I simply drag-and-dropped my pictures right into these beautiful layouts. That was it! I had over 30 pages done before I knew it. I then tried creating my own pages from scratch, and that was fun too!

Here are a few examples :

It was very simple to use

I am so excited about this software, I have found a way for you to get it too—at an affordable price. Simply go to and use STMMMS44233

 in the promo code box on the shopping cart page! You will get $10 off the software (reduced price of only $29.95), plus you get a coupon for $10 for the MyMemories online store. You can share it many different was as well.

You can make scrapbooks you can print at home or turn them into professionally printed books! It is really fun! Go check it out.

So here is the GIVEAWAY: they will give away a free trial for you to use ( with many backgrounds fun things to add on your digital scrap book etc.: this is what you need to do:

Cant wait to see your thoughts on this amazing sight , and dont forget you can get a coupon by clicking the blinking banner at anytime , Instant savings!


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