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Thursday, February 2, 2012

You HAVE to have the Barbie LOOK!

Come on worrying about curves and counting calories? Is that necessary for a child. I understand about eating healthy , at least let them know you are trying to get the family to eat more healthy and not saying that your going on a diet, that's how eating disorders come about. Ohhhh my goodness and the shaving of the child's back , REALLY?
 I am all for looking your best and grooming but that's a little extreme . I looked up how much it is to register a child for a pageant and its alot of money ( About $250)  plus you have travel expenses , hotel stays as well as the costumes and accessories , hair and make up . Now if you add all that up its almost over $1000. Here's a mom on here that uses a LIMO for them to travel to pageants in , that's a little extreme there mom.
Now these little girls are little cuties don't get me wrong, But I just cant comprehend the amount of money these parents spend .The little girls kind of look like little robots , not very natural movements.
I giggle about the BUTT PASTE lol. The Make up they Put on these little girls just make them look extremely older , they should have more pageants with LIGHT make up more softer of a look , they don't need concealer on their faces are pimple free , flawless. They are Beautiful girls .
Now there should be regulations on the costumes , that one little girl with the Police car and that itty bitty outfit she was wearing, that just wasn't age appropriate, they could have made more fabric to that, and it would have still been cute. These girls don't need to look like that. Most of the little girls look like they enjoy doing pageants which is great , But there should be some regulations on attire and make-up lets not forget they are kids. Its not miss America, or Miss Universe where that is more age appropriate to wear those items .

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