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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

If you are a Consultant you should read this

Happy Holidays first !!!
 I wanted to let you in a little secret , i used to be a consultant to I did Passion Parties . It was great but right now has been too busy for me to focus on that but anyways, this is why im writing. I know this awsome website many consultants go to not sure if you have heard of it but here is the website they have everything you need for your business. Right now i found out thtat they have NEW products so please visit them check them out . Then come back and write me a comment on it. it has everything from:
Whats New

Books Journals Notebooks
Business Aids
Stickers Pens and Paper
Class and Show Supplies
Promoting Your Business
Cello Gusseted Bags
Cello Rolls
Cello Self Sealing Bags
Clear Self-Sealing Flat Cellophane Bags
Cello Sheets
Chiffon Organza Bags and Circles
Crowns Tiaras and Wands
Doorknob Delivery Go Bags
Fashion Accessories
Foil Gift Wrap Rolls
Shrink Wrap and Tools
Shred Fillers
Tissue Sheets
And so much more...

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