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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wow I sure did save on my food shopping .

Last night I went grocery shopping. I had my coupons and bout what ever I needed on sale as well. I saved $57.59 for my bonus card savings and $21.23 in manufacturing savings so thats a total of $78.82 whooo hooo. I love shopping at TOPS. my total would have been $272.91 .So it goes to show you that you need to make sure you look at the fliers check out the deals get those coupons out and compare prices . you will be shocked. My groceries normally last me 2 weeks feeding 6 -7 people every day. it depends who shows up as well lol.

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DogsMom said...

Last night I sent DH out to store for a gallon of milk and some "coupon specials" good that day only. Even the milk was only 99 cents/gal. The whole total should have been under $15. He comes back and tells me how much he saved - but it was $20. Together we look at the receipt. The coupons had not come off. He says, well the cashier was in a hurry, it was end of her shift. I asked, do you still have the coupons? He says, No - she took them. Needless to say I made him go back to store.
A half hour later he is back with a puzzled look on his face. Something about they had "returned" the groceries and then charged them out again at the coupon price (luckily they believed him that there were coupons, but as I said, it was a that day thing) and then had to do a calculation about the difference in price. He had $7 in hand and could not understand why. Moral is - when couponing, I save time and hassle by doing it myself.