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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ok so this is off topic really but .....

Hey there I wanted some opinions from my readers. I am getting married in 2011 in sept. on sat. the 10th. Well the thing that I need advice in is that we have decided to have the wedding that day then a lite "linner" ( lunch/Dinner) or cocktail reception on a boat afterwards , this wedding is for the immediate family . (we are getting married at boldt castle in the 1000 Islands in NY. ) Then a month down the road we are going to have a great reception for everyone else in the extended family. Is that Taboo or wrong or a great Idea . there just really going for the free food anyway lol and entertainment . Any advise is appreciated greatly. thanks so much


Mass Hole Mommy said...

Great idea! I am doing the same thing. Getting married April 2011 and a big party the followig month! Go for's your wedding!

KiraAJ said...

a lil late im sure but my husband and i did exactly the same thing really it 2002 we got married and we didnt really have that much money per-say but we had a small reception at Ohios Castle "Nazareth Hall" just for the bridal party and mothers and fathers from both our sides then we had a huge reception a couple wks later everyone had a ball and it just made it that much more stress-free doing it that way in my opion :)