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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dance Moms

Last night at dance moms: Click on link to see episode

Now that you watched that , whats your thoughts? I think it was wise of Abby moving Maddie from the top just to give some more kids a chance. Brook making the cheer team is great, she should be able to spread her wings and test the waters in everything she wants to try. I think he girls put blood sweat and tears in there routines to please Abby , she can be so rough on them. Now Cathy from last season and owner of ( Candy Apples) should feel ashamed of herself with the move she pulled on having older children in the competition which wasn't their age group And to use her daughter in the mix , shame on you Cathy ...Play Fair!! Serves her right getting 8th place.
Do you think Abby wanted to stir the pot , when she wanted to go tell candy apples good job sincerely? The moms have really stop to think when they have discussions in front of the children ... they don't need to see that , inappropriate behavior to all of them . Well that's it for this week for dance moms discussion. I look forward on your thoughts :)

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