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Monday, January 23, 2012

Good Morning Mommies !

Hope everyone had a great weekend, personally I look forward to Mondays when the kids go back to school (ha ha). My boys are handfuls ! From the time the Sun comes up to the time they finally fall asleep!
Yea they might "Look" Sweet and Innocent, but they really are Lil mini devils ( ha ha)

OK now down to business this week , I am in the process on doing a review for this really cool company , And when I am done this great company will be doing a Giveaway!! How generous of them for all my followers.If you are a company or a mom home business and would like to do a review and giveaway please feel free to email me at : and I will let you know how the process goes :) its free to do. OK now what else is there this week ,

A new start..

An ending...

Some whining, and crazy moms

New mom and continuing Drama

And "What the F#&* are you looking at"

And so much more this week :) Stick around soo much drama and not enough time to talk about....


Joyce from MBC *will follow back* said...

I just found your blog. Cool pictures.

Melissa said...